Single Platform

The Health Objects software platform is unique in the industry because it brings together multiple components, typically found at multiple companies, onto one software platform. This presents tremendous advantages over a single platform for every component. Some of the advantages are listed below:

  • Single Login - you login once and you have access to all components. No need to have a list of different websites to go to and another list of usernames and passwords.
  • Training Is Simplified - Since all components reside on the same software platform and the user interface is consistent across all components, you only have to train once (and usually only on one module) and users will be able to use all components because the user interface is the same across all parts of the application which significantly reduces the overall learning curve.
  • Component Integration - The components all share a common data structure, so communication between components is possible and often very beneficial. For example, patient data collection records when a patient has completed service. At that time, the Survey component is notified to make sure a survey is sent to this patient. There are no external interfaces at work here, only internal integration.
  • Communication Across Components - The Communication features of the platform are available to all components of the system. Text messaging, email and voice communications are integrated into each module.
  • Security Across Components - User roles and security are centralized on the platform. User roles can be as specific as allowing a user to print surveys or as generic as allowing all nurses to see patient forms. Centralized security makes it easy to control access to each component of the system.
  • Reporting Across Components - The Reporting component can access all the data across all the other components, making reporting extremely robust and useful. For example, you may want to report on when a patient received service and if a patient survey was distributed and returned. All combinations of data are possible since it resides on a single platform.
  • Electronic, Consolidated Billing - Accounts payable can be extremely time consuming, especially when you are paying a large amount of external vendors. Since our plaform integrates components typically found across multiple vendors, it also integerates the billing. You only receive one bill for multiple services. Additionally, when the Billing component rolls out in 2015, clients (as well as your patients), will be able to reconcile their bills online (electronic billing).