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  • Our surgery center has been using the Pre-op assessment and Survey features for several years now and it's been a real time saver for our staff. Both features were customized to our needs, so data reporting is seamless, efficient and easy to read. The Pre-Op Assessment is convenient for patients to complete the information online according to their schedule and nurses have the information readily available when calling the patients. The Survey feature with its reporting has streamlined the whole process. The communication feature was recently added and it allows the staff to easy 'batch' notifications to the patients, based on their communication preference, so patient reminders are a snap. It's a Win-Win!

    - Chris Cebrzynski, Administrator - Plainfield Surgery Center, LLC

  • The Scheduling Platform has far exceeded our expectations. The ease of use and functionality has made it easy for key staff to learn how to navigate and schedule for their departments. The program has been a time-saver, allowing us to focus on patient care. It also has provided a high level of reassurance, knowing that staffing assignments are communicated to staff via text message and/or email. We are excited for all of the additional features available with the program and anticipate putting them to use in the near future.

    - Missy LeCuyer, Nurse Manager - Tri-Cities Surgery Center