The Surveys component allows a facility to survey their patients, doctors, nurses and business personnel to improve on current processes and procedures and overall facility performance. All surveys are distributed electronically, eliminating costly paper surveys. Surveys is integrated with our Communication Component and Patient Data Collection Component allowing you to send surveys efficiently and effectively to the patient in a timely manner. Below are some hightlights regarding Surveys:

  • Survey Forms - Customized forms are created for each facility for the collection of patient satisfaction, staff satisfaction or doctor satisifaction information regarding the facility and it's procedures. These Survey forms are presented to the patient in a timely manner via the Communication Component and integration with Patient Data Collection. Survey forms can even be created to capture different types of information for a specfic subset of patients, staff or doctors. Collecting this information from all participants at the facility provides a complete 360 degree view of how the facility is operating and where possible improvements can be made. In a world where facilities are competing more and more for doctors, patients and staff, this information is proving to be invaluable.
  • Survey Reminders - Surveys can be sent out to patients from our integrated Communication module via text message, voice or email. These Survey Reminders, can be sent manually by the facility to each individual or by batch; significantly reducing the time and effort it normally takes to send out traditional surveys.
  • Alerts - Alerts notify the facility of certain criteria listed on the survey forms. These Alerts are specific to each facility and helped notify the facility when an issue arises. An example Alert is notifying the administrator of the facility if a patient scores the survey extremely low or a patient answers a specific question in an unacceptable range.
  • Survey Follow-up Tracking - Going hand-in-hand with Alerts, Survey Follow-Up Tracking allows the facility to follow-up on issues that arise with a particular survey(patient, staff, doctor). This function tracks all correspondence back and forth from the facility and survey taker and tracks the date and time of the actions taken. This allows the facility to stay on top of issues and keeps a record of the actions completed.
  • Patient Survey Integration - A major benefit to having Patient Data Collection and Patient Surveys on the same platform is the ability to integrate the two - and that is what we've done. Once a patient is marked complete with their visit, the Surveys Component automatically populates with this information and allows the user to send out Patient Surveys automatically, in a very timely manner.