Staff Scheduling

Staff Scheduling allows staff to be notified instantly of their schedule for the following day/week via text and email and allows the staff to view their individual schedule. The schedule creator can add, delete, copy and communicate with staff all from one screen. Staff can also add their availability for future dates so the people scheduling can create accurate and stable future schedules. Also, staff can utilize the staff schedule software as a clockin/clockout feature to track time onsite.

  • Schedule View - Staff can easily be added to the schedule using the add schedule function. Staff can be added for one day or multiple days all at once significantly reducing time to enter a complete schedule. Notes and status' can also be set for each employee to notify them of certain tasks for that day and track their schedule status (scheduled, available, on-vacation, etc.). Staff can be associated to certain doctors, departments and positions for each individual staffing occurrence. Finally, for surgery center facilities, information such as last patient in, last doctor, last procedure, total case count and individual department case count can be tracked and identified on each daily schedule along with a daily note to all staff.
  • Staff Availability - Staff can put in their own individual availability for the next few months to assist the schedulers with creating an accurate schedule. Staff can put down vacation times, days and times available to work and on-call available times.
  • ClockIn/ClockOut - Staff have the ability to clock in and clock out at each facility. This feature is not available offsite so it staff onsite times can be tracked effectively.
  • Communications - Communication is integrated with Staff Scheduling to allow you to communicate directly to your staff their schedule, anywhere, anytime. Staff can receive individual text messages telling them what day and time they are scheduled and can even be asked to confirm that date/time. Staff can also be sent a email message with the option of attaching a schedule report.