Patient Data Collection

Patient Data Collection securely collects all the patients health information electronically and allows facilities to use that data for backend reporting and integration. Our software allows facilities to create their own custom forms (such as pre-op assessements, CMS requirements, Pre/Post Op Instructions, etc.) to present online to their patients. Patients can view and fill out the forms and the data is submitted electronically via the web. Some features of the Patient Data Collection component are listed below:

  • Patient Pre-Admission Forms - Customized forms are created for each facility for the collection patient information. These forms are presented to the patient at their convenience and substantially reduce nurses time doing pre-op calls. Information is properly collected and errors are minimized. Pre-Op Assessment forms allow the facility to capture the patient's health history information, insurance, prescriptions, etc. Multiple forms can be created to capture different demographics such as patients over a certain age or pediactric patients.
  • Patient Reminders - Forms can be sent out to patients from our integrated Communication module via text message, voice or email. In addition, patient no-shows can be significantly reduced by the ability to send patients text messages reminding them of their appointment and asking them to confirm. Confirmations/denials show up in the system alerting the facility of no-shows. Patient Communication is available across components and is also utilized by Surveys (Survey Reminders), Staff Scheduling (Schedule Reminders), etc.
  • Alerts - Alerts notify the facility of certain criteria listed on the patient pre-admission forms. These Alerts are specific to each facility. An example Alert is notifying the nurse if the patient scores above the threshold for sleep apnea or if the patient's weight is higher than X amount of pounds. Alerts, like Communications, are available across components and are also utilized by Surveys, Staff Scheduling and Training.
  • Nursing Checklists - Checklists allow the nurse to follow and track certain criteria associated with each patient. Example checklist items include reminding the patient to not bring certain items, check certain patient health items and as a general workflow/status tool.
  • Document Management - Document Management is provided through our File Cabinet feature. It gives the user the ability to append other documents to each patient such as such as H&P's or consent forms. Doctor's from remote offices can also login and upload these documents eliminating the need to fax. Like many other components, Document Management is provided on multiple components in the system including Patient Data Collection and Job Postings.
  • Pre-Op/Post-Op Instructions - As part of the workflow with Pre-Admission forms, the facility has the option of providing the patient with Pre and Post Op instructions. These instructions can be generic or they can be tailored to a specific surgery or doctor. Pre and Post Op instructions can also be sent electronically to the patient via the Communication component.
  • CMS Disclosures - In compliance with Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, the facility has the option of providing financial and ownership disclosures, patient's rights and responsibilities and advanced directives.
  • Patient Survey Integration - A major benefit to having Patient Data Collection and Patient Surveys on the same platform is the ability to integrate the two - and that is what we've done. Once a patient is marked complete with their visit, the Surveys Component automatically populates with this information and allows the user to send out Patient Surveys automatically, in a very timely manner.