Job Posting

Job Posting allows the facility to create jobs, post jobs, receive candidate responses and track candidates throughout the hiring process. The job application process is customized to meet your facilities requirements. Addition features such as pre-screening questionnaires and alerts are all part of the software and included for your facility. Our job posting also integrates with external job posting sites so your jobs get the maxium exposure. All jobs are posted to your local website, our careers website (launching this September) and other external job posting sites.

  • Job Creation - A facility creates jobs based off their own custom forms. These jobs are creating in our Health Objects platorm and can be viewed, edited, posted, deleted and copied all from a single panel making job creation and maintenance extremely efficient.
  • Job Posting - Posting a job is as easy as one mouse click. The Job will get instantly posted to your website as wells as our careers website in September). Additionally, the job will be posted to the external sites configured for your facility. Un-posting a job is just a simple. One mouse click and the job is removed from your facilities website and our careers website.
  • Screen Questionnaires - Pre-screening potential job candidates is a useful tool to elminate unqualified candidates and significantly reduces the time spent on reviewing and interviewing candidates. Screening questions are unique forms created for each facility that asks the candidates specific questions to help evaluate the job candidate. Screening questionnaires can be generic to the organization or specific to a certain job.
  • Alerts - As with Communications, Alerts are a feature that crosses many components of the Health Objects platform. An example of Alerts in the Job Posting component are Alerts set on pre-screening questionnaires. Alerts can fire if a candidate answers a question in a non-satisfactory way.
  • Application Process - The Application Process is a customized form for each facility that gathers specific candidate information necessary for interviewing/hiring. Examples include their name, contact information, their resume and even a coverletter. The application process is customized to look and feel just like your current website and applicants are stored on the same platform where you create and post you jobs.
  • Communications - Communication is integrated with Job Postings to allow you to communicate directly from the software. You can send the job via email and/or text message to colleagues or potential job candidates. You can also receive email/text messages when a candidate applies to a specific job. Finally, you can utilize the Communication component to notify candidates where they stand in the hiring process.
  • External Job Board Integration - Our software integrates with other career sites to get your jobs the maxium exposure needed to obtain the best job candidates. Additionally, launching in September, Health Objects will have their own external careers website at to help attract the best talent from the healthcare industry.