Patient Communication allows each component of the Health Objects platform to communicate via text messaging, voice or email with the patient, directly from the software. Patients can receive a variety of messages including appointment reminders, survey reminders, data collection requests, etc. And since the Communications Component is tightly integrated into the platform itself, you don't have multiple, complex external interfaces to outside vendors; minimizing the risks of failure. Additionally, we can offer a more cost effective solution because we own the technology...both major wins for our customers. We offer three types of communication on the platform (Text Message, Voice Communication and Email). These three types give you the options that best fit the receipent's communication requirements (patients, doctors, nurses, business office staff). Older demographics generally prefer voice, while younger generations usually prefer text or email. Below are the three communication types with a little more detail:

  • Text Messaging - Text Message is becoming a new standard in the healthcare industry as a way to communicate with patients immediately. A large percentage of patients now carry some type of smart phone capable of receiving all three types of communications offered by our platform with Text Messaging becoming number one in regards to responce time and just responding overall. Our platform allows you to send text messages to patients and staff depending on the component you are utilizing. In Patient Data Collection, text messages can be utilized to send appointment reminders as well as send links to direct the patient where to fill out their forms. Additionally, our text messaging has the capability to request confirmation of a text and showing the response in the system - significantly reducing costly items such as patient no-shows or staff that forget they are scheduled.
  • Voice Communication - Voice Communication is still the cornerstone of communication to older generations. Our platform allows for Voice Communication to be delivered automatically to the patient via text that is typed or by pre-canned messages in the system. The system automatically generates the voice based from your type messages in the system and delivers them when you need to. This extremely powerful and time saving tool reduces your time on the phone with patients signicantly and, as a result, lowers your overall costs and raises your overall productivity significantly. Voice Communications can also be utilized by Staff Scheduling and Surveys.
  • Email - Email Communication is the mainstream communication for most generations next to voice. As with the other two types (Text and Voice), emails can be sent from different components (Patient Data Collection, Surveys, Training, Job Posting) across the system. As with Text and Voice, a standard interface allows you to send emails for specific segments of the system (such as patient reminders) and allows you to utilize the specific features of email such as attaching documents. This provides the capability to not only delivery communication to the patient but also deliver documents that relate to the communication - all through the system. And, as with Text Communications, you have the capability to request confirmation that the email was received by the receipent. A very powerful tool that can be utilized for many different scenarios.